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According to Confucius, 50 is the age when people begin to understand their fate. In an effort to visually explore this concept, Beijing-based photographer Gao Rongguo 高荣国 created this contemplative series, entitled Identical Twins, in which he photographs twin brothers and sisters from the Shandong province.

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scumsoft: Haze and Fog 09, Cao Fei曹斐

scumsoft: Haze and Fog 09, Cao Fei曹斐

Ordos 100 Models by Ai Weiwei 艾未未

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farewell-kingdomSun Yuan 孙原  and Peng Yu 彭禹If I Died

inbetweeninbetween: Chen Xiaoyun 陈晓云 2006


urbanautica: TACA SUI 塔可, ‘Odes’, The Salt Yard, Hong Kong, 06.04.2013 - 02.06.2013 © Taca Sui | The Salt Yard 

houndscales: guy bourdin - chen xiaoyun 陈晓云.

Ai Weiwei 艾未未 @ Martin-Gropius-Bau
orphanwork: Zhang Dali 张大力

orphanwork: Zhang Dali 张大力